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Painters & Sculptors & Collectors
Invitation for Exhibition before H.H. & International gathering of audiences


Painters and Sculptors who want to showcase their talent and creativity through their paintings and sculptures before H.H and international gathering of audiences are welcomed to send their exhibition request to “OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION OF H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN”

In exhibition the artists/ collectors will be able to showcase their works and also sell their paintings or sculptures at the spot to the International audiences present.

All such Painters/ Sculptures/ Collectors have to first send the pictures of their paintings or sculptures and other details to OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION through the online request form.

This exhibition opportunity is a perfect platform to take your works across the seven seas. You can also sell your painting and sculptures at the spot to the buyers who will comprise from many countries of the world.

When filling the Exhibition Request Form Upload Scanned copy of the images of the paintings or sculptures if you have hard copies of the photographs. If you have digital images then you can directly upload the images. So Artists/ Collectors must have images of their paintings or Sculptures that are intended for exhibiting before H.H. and International gathering of audiences.

Minimum images for submitting in “Exhibition Request Form” should be Twenty.

All the submitted pictures through exhibition form will be reviewed by the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION.

All the artists/ collectors who will be filling the exhibition request form will need to upload the scanned copy of the any one government issued Id like driving license, passport, pan card, voter Id or etc. so all the artists/ collectors are advised to keep their scanned copy of any one government Id ready before filling the form.

Once artists or collectors paintings or sculptures are approved for exhibition they will be notified through email about the decision and will be given the date and place for Exhibition in Bhilai / Raipur/ Durg city located in the State of Chhattisgarh. On that given day and place the artist/ collector will have to display pictures or sculptures.   

Submission fees 100 per image. If you have digital photographs then you can directly upload it in the “Exhibition Request Form” or if you have hard copy pictures then you can scan the images and then upload it in the Exhibition Request Form.

After duly filling the exhibition form and submitting it online please deposit the amount of rupees two thousand 2000 in the bank as submission fees of the “Exhibition Request Form” in

Account Name        : INCALESCO

Account Number    : 07342020001945

Bank Name             : HDFC Bank

Bank Address          : Chouhan Estate, G.E Road, SUPELA

 City                          : Bhilai  490029

 State                        : CHATTISGARH


After submitting the submission fees in bank don’t forget to fill the “Payment Proof form” (Payment Proof form link is given in contact page) in Payment Proof form you will have to upload the scanned copy of the deposit slip and you’re your Exhibition Request Form Number which you will get after submitting the Exhibition Request form. Without filling and submitting the Payment Proof Form your submissions will not be considered for exhibition.

Once the duly filled Exhibition Request Form along with the necessary submission fees is submitted and then the Payment Proof Form is submitted your “Exhibition Request Form” will be screened by the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION.

Please note that the “Exhibition Request Form” must be accompanied by “Two thousand” rupees as submission fees of the form.

After submitting the “Exhibition Request Form” the submitters should deposit the Exhibition Request Form fees of two thousand rupees in the bank within four days 4 days from the date of submitting the exhibition request form. Please note that these four days 4 days include the day on which the form has been sent to us and it also includes any Sundays or holidays. If the payment of exhibition request form is not deposited within the necessary time period your exhibition request form will be rejected.

If for some reasons you couldn’t send the necessary Exhibition request form fees then you will again have to fill the form and then accompany the form with the proper fees within the necessary time. So ensure that an application fee is reached before the due date.

After filling the Exhibition Request Form and submitting it online you will get Exhibition Request Form number the submitters are requested to note down or save this number for further reference.

If out of twenty images submitted two or three images of paintings or sculptures are found inappropriate by the authority then the artist or collector will be notified by the email and will be asked to submit another images substituted for the rejected works. If in the next chance also the images of the works are found inappropriate then such artists and collectors will not be called again for making any substitution submissions and will not be considered for exhibition of their works. 

In a day Exhibition of two painters or sculptors will be allowed.

Exhibition fees for twenty paintings or twenty Sculptures exhibition nine thousand rupees

All such artists and collectors have to make their own arrangements to bring the paintings and sculptures from their place to the place of exhibition

Only those paintings and sculptures that will be selected through “Exhibition Request Form” will be allowed by the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION for showcasing in exhibition. The paintings and sculptures that have not been approved by the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION previously will not be allowed for exhibition before H.H. and International gathering of audiences.  

The amount of exhibition fees that is nine thousand will have to be paid after confirmation of the date and place from the office of Administration notification to the concerned artists. If the artists confirm the date and place then he or she will asked to deposit the exhibition amount in the bank.

Painters/ Sculptors/ Collectors have to take the picture of their painting or the sculptures and then upload it in the “Exhibition Request Form” and pay the submission fees.


Click here "Exhibition Request Form"

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