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Meeting H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN in India

H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN is simple hearted and meets visitors with great enthusiasm.


Travel Assistance


Under the guidance of "H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN" travel assistence facility is being provided by "OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION" so if you are a westerner or an Indian national visiting Bhilai to attend the grace of H.H. you don’t have to bargain or depend on the mercy of touts or brokers or persons who are looking for a chance to exploit you when you enter the city. As a traveler you don’t know where the good hotels are where to get the taxi, what is the best area of the city, where you will get hygienic food. There are chances of falling prey to the touts in making all these essential arrangments in a new place. Being in a city we knows very well which hotel is providing good facilities for the money which it is charging. When you book a taxi and a hotel room through us it means that the rates are fixed and you don’t have the difficulty in searching, you also get a clean and hygienic food and water and comfortable room. "OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION OF H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN" provides a range of options to suit your budgets and accommodation needs.

For discussing your schedule with "OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION" go to the contact page and click on the link schedule and fill the schedule form, "OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION OF H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN" can arrange for you a taxi to pick you from Raipur's Swami Vivekananda airport (venue airport*) (India) or Nagpur's Ambedekar airport (venue airport*) (India) to the hotel in Bhilai (place where H.H. meets and graces visitors). "OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION" can also do the booking of hotel in BHILAI after due conformation from  you. There are many hotels from budget to three stars in Bhilai. If you tend to book a hotel through us we can provide you the various options to choose from so that your travel to H.H. remains hassle free, comfortable and within your budget.


About Bhilai City


Bhilai is a city with all modern facilities to accommodate the vistiors from all over world. Bhilai has a technical university, sixteen engineering colleges, an upcoming medical college, several colleges and a airport, Asia’s biggest steel plant the technological marvel of its time set by the India’s first prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru in collaboration with the then USSR and is currently one of the best and biggest steel plants in all over India.

Bhilai is a very peaceful city and the people are very friendly. Lakhs of Students from several Indian states come every year here to take admission in different colleges. Even students from coutnries like Malyasia, Oman, Nepal, Bhutan  are coming as the peaceful and clam environment of the city is condusive for learning and makes Bhilai a favourite choice for the students from all over India and world to make it a first choice.  It is an idle city to peruse education, Job and living. Bhilai is a city that has been planned after Chandigarh. It has been designed by the Russians in 1955. People leave in brotherhood and peace in Bhilai and Bhilai has been an example how people of different castes, creeds, nationalities can leave together in harmonay as Bhilai has remianed peaceful and untouched by any kind of voilence or any hostility as expereinced in other parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai, or even in comparison with other parts of the same state of chhattisgarh since its inception from 1955 more than a half century has passed and this record has remained unbeaten. Bhilai is inhabited by many Russians who are working in Steel Plant and many have settled in the city after falling in love with the city's greenery and it's calm atmosphere. This is both a strength and attraction of Bhilai. Many foreigners especially Russians, Americans, Germans and Chinese frequently visit Bhilai for providing the consultancy to the technical aspects of the steel plant and overseeing  on going several billion dollar expansion project.  Bhilai is the symbol of the modern India and a symbol of friendship between Indian and Russian ties. There is so much of greenery spread in Bhilai that makes Bhilai a calm, serene and sophisticated city to live in peace and comforts.



Getting in Bhilai

H.H. meets with the people in the city called Bhilai and Durg city situated in the state of Chhattisgarh in INIDIA. Chhattisgarh is a newly formed state out of Madhya Pradesh. It is a state located in the centre of INDIA. The other states that are adjoining Chhattisgarh are Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra.



Swami Vivekananda airport also formally known as Mana airport is the nearest airport from Bhilai located at about 50 K.M. from Bhilai city. Swami Vivekananda airport is situated in the city of Raipur also the capital of state of Chhattisgarh. The road from Raipur to Bhilai is national highway number 6 and is usually a busy road all round day and night.

There are two possibilities either you are coming from outside India to meet H.H. or your are coming from India to meet H.H.


If you are coming from outside India to meet and hear the discourses of H.H. then

You will be landing in any one of the international airports of India. From there you can take a flight to the Raipur airport. Raipur is a city that is located around 45 K.M. from bhilai and is having the national airport known by swami Vivekananda airport formely known as Mana airport. Then from there you can pick a taxi and come to Bhilai within an hour. There are many good hotels in Bhilai.



The nearest railway station is Durg junction about 4 K.M.. It is a major railway station and all major train stop there except duronto train. 



From the city of Bhilai national highway number 6 goes as it is a road that connects Mumbai and Kolkata. From taxi and buses bhilai can be reached.


"OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION OF H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN" can assist you in planning your visit and meeting with H.H.. Please feel free to contact OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION OF H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN”.

You are welcomed to discuss your schedule email:  


Before visiting intimate OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION OF H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN and discuss your schedule to check when H.H. is gracing with his discourses and is meeting with the people and also that "OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION arranges your accomodation and other facilities.

You are welcomed to discuss your schedule email:


* Note: The airport is called Venue airport which are near to the place where H.H. graces the visitors. The two airports in Inida is vivekanada aiport in the city of Raipur and another is Baba Saheb Ambedkar aiport located in the city of nagpur in India. These two aiports here are called Venue airports for reference.

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