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Medical Project

In India some people have been cured of diseases which science has not find out its way for curing. These claims are a challenge to the science as well as scientists and their knowledge. "H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN" is taking an initiative to scientifically rectify those claims made by such persons and organizations by conducting an experiment and trials from scientific point of view.


There are dimensions which are beyond the reach of science or where the modern science has not reached yet. When the claims are established scientifically it will be a big boom in a direction to understand how the nature works and a step closer to bring those mystical and hidden treasures out for helping the mankind at large. If those secretes of cures can be proved in laboratory it has the potential to completely open the new and unknown dimension to science or which science has so far not been able to comprehend by its theories.

If you are a doctor of medicine, student, scholar, PhD, scientist you can take part in this project. For more details please fill online form and submit.


Few examples of claims verified by doctors

Hearing by a dumb boy

Opening of heart blockage without any medical treatment

Curing of aids

Curing of cancer

Curing of other incurable diseases; the list is long


To conduct a scientific study in the mystical and ancient realms unknown to the world and establish and present the facts before the modern science and scientists.

The research and its methods conducted by scientists and experts require a proper guidance from somebody who understands both the world the gross and the subtle this and the other world the material and the mystical world. "H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN" will provide his able guidance directly to the scientists and scholars and research persons. Under his personal supervision the above project will take place.

Agro Projects

Increasing the nutritional value in vegetable and fruits

Increasing the production of grains

Increasing the production of fruits

Construction Project

Accommodation rooms with all modern amenities

Canteen and Restaurant

Discourse hall



H.H. invites scientists, doctors, scholars, medical students, professionals from different parts of the world to be a part of this truly amazing and International project.

More International Projects starting soon............

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