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The Writer

H.H. The Gaurav Narayan is a prolific writer and also has written rare book and articles even to call it book will not be correct they are scriptures. They are not created but are born from the higher source. Through his writings he penetrates deep into the mind of readers and not only just remains at the mind of the readers but reaches their hearts and ultimately reaches the soul. The readers are mesmerized by the appeal it creates in the mind and touches the hearts and soul. As a writer he writes on a vast variety of subjects and touches the ultimate depths of the subject as no one has before in the history of mankind. He writes what comes from beyond. These writing are for showing the path to the ignorant; for opening up of the new doors for the readers. His writings are always supplemented with strong content of indescribable that you will not find elsewhere. And the write-ups are succinct and lucid. His writings are filled with amazing creativity. You can do certainly see the flame of rebellion, you can see the godliness; you can see the truth; you can find the religion in his writings. You can’t remained unaffected by the flame of his being that flows through his words. He acquits the readers easily and subtly with compassion and the truth which he carries on.

Reading H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN is altogether a new experience of your life that will help in creating a wider and deeper understanding in you. By reading you can know that how words can become a vehicle for going beyond words. The style will not only appeals but also the subject is so compelling that cannot be left without completion. His writings unfailingly capture the quintessence of the existence. After reading the book the thought the motions the words linger in your mind for a long time and you can’t afford to live without being affected. His writings make aware of yourself of the existence of the world around you of relationships. To read him is a way to know the true state of affairs that you are into.

Reading the transformational books and articles evolves a seeker in you for the ultimate truth; creates a thirst in you to explore the other world that you have been unaware of since this day. His words start the transformation process and help and strengthen the hunger in you to search something meaningful in life.

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