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The Philanthropist

Gaurav Narayan only knows to give; whatever he does he does it for giving others. Even if he seems to be taking something he takes only to give you back. With infinite compassion he has always shared, gifted, gave in his life by whatever means by which ever ways it is possible. Sometimes he just gives you by the words; sometimes by his silence; sometimes by his celebration; sometimes by experiences; sometimes by material things. He has innumerable ways for the giving the gifts to you. His speaking, writing, actions, thoughts, ideas are nothing but can be summed in one sentence as “giving to the world”. He loves giving because he loves you. His giving is a gift for you in compassion.  

In his intense drive for giving, for sharing H.H. GARRAV NARAYAN is reaching out to the people of the world and has started a number of projects worldwide to transform people and help them though various ways through


Annadan: Free Food: distributing the free food to the people who come in Devsthan and also serving the nutritious meals at other places to help people living in extreme poverty and suffering from malnutrition.  

Medical Camps: organizing and conducting check camps in the rural areas and extremely poor and endemic affected areas of the world.  Free treatment or nominal charge treatment by allopathic, aurvedic medicines.

Hospitals: Hospitals for free cure like eyes and more and distributing free medicines.  

Rejuvenating Health: Without health nothing can happen neither material progress nor spiritual enlightenment. Health has many aspects and to tackle health issue H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN has started many programs that will systematically work simultaneously on many dimensions. Several health programs have been specifically designed ranging from three days to twenty one days in which the person is treated in the way possible where nowhere else in the other place the approach is used. Even in the most advanced treatment centers of the world the treatment is only one sided. The health programs are three tires and many more tires also include Gaurav Narayan health rejuvenating programs include but not limited to the

Media: Publishing and Translating various transformational books and articles and talks given by H.H. at different places. Using the various media like print, electronic and digital media in spreading the message of H.H. for the benefit of the people of the world. Translation of the sacred messages into various languages of the world to make them available to the people.

Spiritual Progress: Several initiatives are being taken by which spirituality can come into the lives of the people so that they can live not centered but balanced life.  

Support to Scientists and Doctors: H.H. Gaurav Narayan is offering his exceptional intelligence and making himself available to the medical doctors, medical scientists, medical researchers, medical scholars and other technology scientists like space scientists, researchers, metallurgy scientists, engineers and has started many international projects to help find the cure of incurable diseases like aids, cancer and others. One of the international medical projects is going to start under his direct supervision where he will be explaining the unexplainable phenomena before the science that is currently outside the preview of science. Special gatherings are organized for the doctors, scientists and for the scientific community.

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