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The Friend

H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN gives no orders no commandments no discipline to the followers as guru but have a state of friendship with them. He doesn’t give you any rigid rituals to follow with but gives you the sky to fly. He doesn’t give you an organization to be part of but gives you individuality to live with. He is not going to make you his dependent but he is helping you to be free from the very last bondage too.  “Buddha has said that when he will come on earth again he will come as a friend.”

H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN speaks profoundly not only on spiritual realms but also on scientific realms he speaks on tackling the day to day problems of life. The guru will talk only about religion; the scientists will talk only about the science the common person talk only about his problems in which he is stuck but Gaurav Narayan throws his intelligence on each of the subjects unequivocally. 

Other mystics, masters, gurus may be there but he stands out from the rest and is incomparable in the sense that he is not a teacher teaching any theory any philosophy or a guru passing any lineage to the disciples or making people dependent on him in any leader of follower thing; he doesn’t burdens you with any old or new theories, philosophies and scriptures but is simply inviting to dance; to become partners in joy; to celebrate and welcomes people to live the ultimate life.

H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN doesn’t adheres to any country to any religion to any caste to any color, any tradition he belongs to all. He adheres to the celebration, ecstasy, consciousness, to wakefulness. He belongs to the existence, to the cosmos, to the god. He is simply a human; a human in totality; a human that has transcended humanness.

The life just unfolds when his aura touches you. You are infinitely blessed; your life is exponentially enriched when you come in contact with H.H. Gaurav Narayan. 

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