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                                                    Terms & Conditions


Musicians and Singers who want to showcase their talent and creativity through their music and singing before H.H and international gathering of audiences are welcomed to send their exhibition request to “OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION OF H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN”

All such Musicians & Singers  have to first send the pictures of their paintings or sculptures and other details to OFFICE OF AMDINISTRATION through the online request form.

When filling the “Concert Request Form”

All the submitted Forms received will be reviewed by the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION.

All the artists who will be filling the “Concert Request form” will need to upload the scanned copy of the any one government issued Id like driving license, passport, pan card, voter Id or etc. so all the artists are advised to keep their scanned copy of any one government Id ready before filling the form.

After filling the Concert Request Form and submitting it online you will get Concert Request Form Number the submitters are requested to note down or save this number for further reference.

Please note that the “Concert Request Form” must be accompanied by “ Six Hundred Thirty" as submission fees of the form.

After duly filling the Concert Request Form and submitting it online please deposit the amount of rupees Six Hundred Thirty 630 RS in the bank as submission fees of the “ Concert Request Form” in


Account Name        : INCALESCO

Account Number    : 07342020001945

Bank Name             : HDFC Bank

Bank Address          : Chouhan Estate, G.E Road, SUPELA

 City                          : Bhilai  490029

 State                        : CHATTISGARH

After submitting the submission fees in bank don’t forget to fill the “Payment Proof form” (Payment proof form link has been provided in the contact page of this website). In payment proof form you will have to upload the scanned copy of the deposit slip and your “Concert Request Form Number” which you will get after submitting the "Concert Request Form". Without filling and submitting the "Payment Proof Form, Concert Request Form will not be considered.

Once the duly filled "Concert Request Form" along with the necessary fees and the “Payment Proof Form” is submitted your “Concert Request Form” will be screened by the "OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION H.H THE GAURAV NARAYAN".

After submitting the “ Concert Request Form” the submitters should deposit the Concert Request Form fees of  in the bank within four days 4 days from the date of submitting the "Concert Request Form". Please note that these four days 4 days include the day on which the form has been sent to us and it also includes any Sundays or holidays. If the payment of "Concert Request Form" is not deposited within the necessary time period your "Concert Request Form" will be rejected. So ensure that application fee is reached before the due date.

If for some reasons you couldn’t send the necessary “Concert Request Form” fees within the due time then you can again fill the “Concert Request Form” and then accompany the form with the proper fees within the necessary time.

Once artists are approved for performing in the Concert of "H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN" they will be notified through email about the decision and will be given the date and place for Exhibition in Bhilai / Raipur/ Durg city located in the State of Chhattisgarh. On that given day and place the artist/ will have to perform.   

All such artists have to make their own arrangements to come from their place to the place of concert. 

Only those artists that will be selected through “Concert Request Form” will be allowed by the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION for performing in the concert. The artists that have not been approved by the OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION previously will not be allowed for performing in the concert before H.H. and International gathering of audiences.  

For Foreign Nationals No Application fees for filling the "Concert Request Form".



                                          Performing in the concert


Children below 12 years of age is not allowed to take part in the concert.

For participants below 18 years permission of the parent or care taker is required.

For participants less than eighteen years coming to perform in the concert the parent whether one mother or father or care taker has to accompany the performer.

While singers are requested to keep a watch on their intonations, diction, tone, rhythm, projection, accompaniment 



For males: kurta payjama or acchkan with or without shawl

For women: sari or lehenga and blouse only no salwar kameez

No western outfits


In vocals and instrumental category only Indian classical singing and Indian instruments are allowed and no western music or instruments will be allowed.

There is no age limit persons from above the age of twelve years up to ninety years can request for the concert.

Time is around thirty minutes per participant or it can be reduced or increased. 

Since the setting of the discourse are of religious and spiritual in nature and considering the divine and holy atmosphere of the discourse all men and women performers specially women performers and women accompanist and women escorting the children will be needed to observe strict practices followed in religious and spiritual places like temples, puja, mazar or before going to the saints. Date for the women performers will be set by having previous consultation with them on phone.